Mobile Rugby Bets

Rugby has always been one of the most beloved sports in South Africa, and has brought the nation together many times including when we were victorious at the historic 1995 World Cup. Besides working to heal our nation, rugby is simply a very exciting sport to play and watch, and the popularity of rugby betting is growing all the time. Online and mobile betting are often the best choices, affording you great range and the opportunity to research and monitor events very closely. We encourage you to investigate rugby wagers further, starting with the guidelines here.

Best Rugby Betting Markets

The beauty of mobile betting is that you can put money down on events that are happening all over the world, not just in South Africa. You can put money down on events in Europe, Australia and more although South Africans do tend to favour big local events such as Super Rugby and the ABSA premiership.

For international events, the national team with fifteen players represents the country and is present at almost every tournament including the Test Tournament that brings the best Rugby Unions together and is the most popular Rugby event on earth. It kicks off the rugby season and fuels interest in the game for the rest of the year. The Springbok Sevens are a team of seven players that participate in the several international Sevens events, which are really thrilling to watch and wager on. Because Rugby is so established in South Africa, there are several local games to discover as well, down to school and university level. The more time you spend learning about South African rugby, the more you will find to explore.

Options in Rugby Mobile Betting

For any Rugby match you choose to bet on, in South Africa or further afield, there is a range of punting options from the most straightforward to the very exotic. You can put money down on single match wins with or without a point spread, or can name which team you think will win an entire tournament. You can also place bets on the performance of single players, such as a Tri-scorer wager where you predict who will score the first or the last try. Margin betting, line betting and several kinds of team strategy and other exotic bets are also all waiting to be explored.

Rugby Player or Teams

Whatever kind of rugby betting you are engaging in, you need to decide where to put your money down with care and should do as much research as possible. We advise checking the opinions of sports reporters, as well as the odds, ladder and draw on the game. The team or player statistics can also be very informative and can help you with your selection. Once you have all the facts, we always suggest balancing this with your intuition. You should never make emotion-based decisions, but there is definitely a place for listening to your instincts when betting on South African mobile sports betting sites.

Great Rugby Bets for Everyone

Rugby betting can be as simple or as complicated as suits you, so no matter where you are in your South African punting adventures, you can enjoy putting wagers down on this nationally-loved sport. Start investigating your options on the trustworthy sites that we review today.