Mobile Election Betting

South African elections are held for the National assembly, the provincial legislatures and the municipal councils. These elections happen every five years, with both national and provincial elections held concurrently, and the municipal election follows these two years later.

South Africa’s electoral system is one of party-list proportional representation. This means that the parties elected correspond directly to the results of their electoral support. Municipal councils follow a mixed member structure, whereby wards elect specific councillors together with those nominated from the party lists.

You have to be a South African citizen in order to vote in the National Assembly elections, but you do not necessarily have to reside here. This is good news for the vast number of South African expatriates in the world today, as well as those who find themselves outside of the country for whatever reason when elections take place. Provincial legislature and municipal council elections are only open to residents of the province or municipality in question, and all elections are managed by the IEC, the Electoral Commission of South Africa.

Election Betting Options Available

Almost everybody has an opinion on the individuals and parties running for any of the elections, and South African bettors are more often than not making a profit on their predictions. A number of different election betting types are available, including the overall winners of the National Assembly election, as well as the outcomes for the provincial legislature and municipal polls. Bet on specific candidates and the likelihood that they win individual seats or wards, or even the amount of seats a party or alliance manages to secure.

Tips for Election Betting

South African mobile bettors trying their hand at election betting should always try to keep personal preferences from influencing how they lay their wagers, since it is rare that a party or politician wins because of the reasons you think they should. Many factors go into deciding who will win the majority of ballot votes, and the more you know about these, the more likely your online election betting experience will be a good one.

With the wealth of information bettors have access to when it comes to election betting, it is far easier to make your predictions more accurate than ever before. Polls, results and all the latest news and information on the parties and individuals running for office is readily available by means of the internet, and bettors should make sure they are kept up to date with all relevant data as they choose where to lay their wagers.

Browse the South African mobile sports betting sites featured on this website to find the best options for election betting, and enjoy all the latest odds when you do. Election betting is very easy to get into, and anyone with even a basic knowledge of how the voting system works in South Africa stands to make a pretty penny when they decide to put their money where their mouths are and make a guess as to the outcome of the next national or local appointment.