Mobile NFL Betting

South Africans are not averse to the theatre and performance of American football, and NFL betting is very popular here. The good news is that SA bettors are no longer restricted to making these bets only when they are able to access their laptops or computers, and can now lay all the bets they like by means of smartphones and tablet devices. The great South African bookmakers featured on this website all offer customised applications to suit both your handset and the way you like to lay your bets, and you will be in the thick of things before you know it.

The applications for NFL betting provided here have all been toned down so as to limit excessive data charges and you can expect to enjoy apps that allow you to browse quickly and easily, and suit the exact specifications of your device. Whether it is an iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung or tablet you will be using to connect, you will find what you need and enjoy smooth interfaces at incredibly low costs.

From September to February of each year fans of the game are glued to television screens all over the country, and you can lay your wagers as you like, from wherever you are. Great odds, excellent NFL markets and very competitive prices all combine to make mobile NFL betting the only kind the majority of sportsbooks customers want to do.

NFL Mobile Betting Possibilities

16 teams make up each of the two groups taking part, the AFC and the NFC, and four teams make up each of the two groups. Geographical placement determines the makeups of the teams, and 12 of the best NFL teams compete against each other over 17 weeks, with the winners of each game going on to compete in the playoffs. The Super Bowl is the apex of the NFL season and brings entire cities to a standstill in America and all over the world, as bettors hold their breath in anticipation of the outcome.

You no longer have to miss out on any breaking developments and updated odds because you are out of range of your laptop or computer, and can access all the information you require while you take your lunch break, wait in a queue, or even as you make your way to and from work. Let the increased access mobile NFL betting affords you help to get you in on a game no matter where you happen to be as it is taking place.

Kinds of Mobile NFL Bets

Head to head bets are probably the most well-known type of wagers on offer, as they are universally popular, with both newcomers and more experienced mobile sports betting customers. Simply select a team to take the win in a particular match, and try to do so as early as you can in order to ensure the best odds.

If you choose to make a line bet, you will take head starts and handicaps into consideration in order to try to guess the margin by which a certain team will win.

Futures NFL mobile betting is a great option as well, and can offer truly extraordinary odds to lucky punters. You will need to place your bet before the season starts, or just as it is beginning, and predict the outcome of a game a long way down the line. Knowledge of the game and a thorough understanding of past performance and players taking part will help ensure you manage to walk away with more money than you started off with.