Mobile Darts Betting

South African bettors really enjoy sports betting, and the options for mobile users now include darts betting. Browse the sportsbooks featured here and find the best odds, darts markets and prices available anywhere in South Africa, and start placing your bets from wherever you happen to be. The beauty of mobile betting is that you are no longer limited to only placing a wager when you are able to access your computer, or grab a few minutes at your laptop. Simply pick up your smartphone or tablet, log in to your mobile online account at one of the great sportsbooks offering mobile access featured on this website and browse odds, prices, and darts markets to place your wager.

Customised Darts Betting Apps

Whichever smartphone or tablet you are going to be using to access darts betting, you will quickly and easily be able to find a darts betting application for it. Customised applications are tailored to meet the specs of your handset, and the interface is adjusted in order to ensure your mobile experience is a good one. You will be able to browse easily and make your wagers any time you wish to, no matter where you are. Take in tips during your lunch hour, investigate players and darts markets on your way to or from work, and start making more winning bets more often.

Darts Mobile Betting Options

South African mobile bettors will probably be making either match, set, or outright bets, as these are the most popular bets. The reason for the prevalence of these bets for bettors worldwide is that they are simple enough for inexperienced bettors to understand, but have enough complexity to satisfy bettors who are more experienced with the nuances of darts betting.

The outright bet is the most popular of this group, and demands that you predict which player will win the contest, and the amount of money you make on your payout will depend on the bets offered for the player. If a player has a 10/1 symbol displayed next to his or her name and you bet R50 on he or she taking first place, when they do you will receive a payout of R500.

Tips to Make Winning Bets

While the fun of darts betting lies in the fact that you never really know how each game is going to go, strategy tips can help you ensure your wagers win more often than not.

One of the best strategy tips bettors can implement is to stay aware of your selected player’s performance history, as this will often help you predict how he or she is going to do in upcoming games. Take note of the players the bookmakers are providing better odds on too, as they make these choices as a result of intensive investigations on all aspects of play.

Remember though, that the players with lower odds are the favourites to win, and an outsider taking first place is where the real money lies, as the odds featured on these players will be much higher. This is why knowing the performance history of a player can be so helpful, as an up and coming player new to the game can often sweep in from nowhere to take first place, with odds far higher than the more well-known participants.

Bet on darts on the go at the top South African online bookmakers that have adapted their sites for iPhone, iPad, Android betting and a host of other mobile devices now.