Mobile Horse Betting

South Africa is a sporting nation and a betting one, and has always loved putting money down on all kinds of events. One of the oldest and most popular punting arenas in the country is horse betting, and remote and mobile betting have made this much more possible for many more people. There are also far more wagering markets and options to investigate which is very exciting, but you do need to be shrewd and cautious. To get you started on the tight foot, check out our horse betting tips below.

Horse Online Betting Prospects

This may sound very elementary, but it is very important. If you have a good understanding of the wages available to you at mobile South African betting sites, you will be able to combine this with the information you can gather and any tips you receive and your own insights to make punting decisions with confidence. Bearing this in mind, we have outlined the main options that are usually available.

  • The simplest punts of Win and Place bets require you to name the winner of an event, or those who will place second or third. These straight bets are the basis of many wagers, so look out for the ones suit you best.
  • Many Exotic wagers can be enjoyed as well, including Exactas, Quadrellas and many more.
  • You can also run a series of punts across different events by placing Multi bets including Parlays and Trebles.
  • Look out for event-specific unique bets as these can be most lucrative of all.

Analyse Data for Horse Bets

Every horse betting decision that you make should take as much factual information into account as possible. Research the horse and jockey statistics equally thoroughly, because they work as a unit. Check the name and number, win/loss percentages, winning or losing streaks and any other relevant facts about the rider and steed that you can find. Racing tips also often give information like the track condition and which horses perform best under certain conditions. Factor all the information you can find into your decision when putting down money at South African horse racing sites.

Weigh the Horse Betting Odds

Besides gathering as much information as possible, you should also consider an event’s odds when you are betting on horses. Backing the winning horse may pay out a little but will often not yield large returns, while long shots in horse betting often reward you handsomely but also carry greater risk. Check the odds against how confident you feel about any horse before putting money down.

Available Betting Bonuses

Most of the South African live mobile betting sites that we review here offer fantastic bonuses and other promotions, like Match Deposit Bonuses, that can really amplify your punting power and winnings. Check the event-specific deals and the general offers when placing your bets, so that you can choose those that give you maximum benefit.

Trust your Intuition

You should never allow emotional responses to govern horse betting, but we do encourage you to acknowledge your instincts and to listen to them. Thorough research and a gut feeling are lethal when combined with a cool head, and will see you gaining huge wins at the mobile South African betting sites that we review.