Mobile Betting Apps

South Africa is a nation that loves betting on any kind of activity, be it sports, races or one of the newer novelty markets such as reality television results. Remote betting means that many more people than ever before can enjoy the excitement of putting money down on an event and seeing if they have won, and now mobile devices take integration into daily life even further. You can place and research bets wherever and whenever you like.

On desktop PCs or handsets, most online South African bookmakers are available in two ways. They can be accessed directly from your web browser, or you can download and install their betting apps. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, and each may be more suitable for you at different times. For example, the web-based browsing makes less demands on your system but it is also usually less comprehensive than applications. If you would like to investigate betting apps further, see our advice below.

Selecting Betting Apps

As you bet more and spend more time on the great mobile South African betting sites reviewed here, you will get to know your own style and what is most important to you in your punting experiences which will make it easier to decide which application to use. It’s also always advisable to use a few applications at a time to allow you to choose the best deals and spreads each day. To start you off, we have put together a list of basic questions to ask here.

  • Are your preferred wagering options offered? For example, some apps have more in-running options while others have more prop options.
  • Do you like the free mobile bet options?
  • Is the applications optimally suited to your handset? This is important for smooth functioning.
  • Can you withdraw and deposit money easily in all the areas that you regularly travel through?
  • What are the betting limits and do they suit you?

Useful Apps for Betting

The applications we have mentioned above grant you access to great mobile South African betting sites, but besides this there are also applications that provide fantastic dedicated resources to help you refine and organise your punting strategy and ultimately your winnings. These tools are easily available and many can be tried for free, so there is no risk on your part. Some of the most exciting new developments involve automated applications, where you can upload a betting bot and then pre-set your daily punts. The savvy bettors of South Africa will really appreciate this extra level of convenience.

Experience Mobile Betting Apps

As you develop your style and move further along your betting journey over time you may find that your wagering preferences and needs change, and technology is also constantly advancing. To make sure that every punting experience is as good as you deserve, stay on top of new SA mobile betting apps as they become available in South Africa by checking our website and review your betting priorities and situation regularly.