Mobile Cycling Betting

The good news is that South African bettors no longer have to forego placing wagers on cycling events around the world because they do not have time to sit down at their computers or laptops. Mobile access is being provided by the majority of sportsbooks, and this website has rated and reviewed all the very best for your convenience. Browse what is on offer right here and start enjoying the best cycling betting options for mobile users when you do.

Whatever type of device you will be making your bets from, Android, Blackberry, Samsung or iPhone, among a host of others, and you will be able to access a customised cycling betting application that will save you time and money when you want to participate in events around the world. Expect streamlined apps that are devoid of all unnecessary extras, stripped to save you money on data charges, which allow you to browse all the latest odds, cycling markets and prices quickly and easily.

Betting on All Cycling Events

While there are a number of local cycling events that get fans of the sport excited, like the Cape Argus, the three Grand Tours are the most popular with bettors in South Africa and around the world. These take place in Italy, France and d Spain each year, and have bettors glued to their seats, calculating odds and placing bets at a frenzied pace.

These three tours offer South African bettors a big choice in cycling betting options. The arduous nature of the competition, comprised of 21 stages unfolding over three weeks, have been the making of a number of internationally renowned athletes, as well as the undoing for many aspirants. The fates of the participants change each day, often swinging up or down as the stages progress, and this makes for very exciting cycling betting opportunities.

Safe Cycling Betting

Whether you are new to cycling betting, or have some experience in it, you will be certainly be able to find a wager type that you enjoy. There are more complex options, as well as simpler, more straightforward ones, and your mobile South African betting sites will help you find the one that suits you best.

The outright win wager is very popular, and, as the name suggests, requires punters to predict who will take first place in a tour overall. Each way bets are great options too, made up of two distinct bets, one on your cyclist taking first place in the race, and one on the athlete placing. Should your selected cyclist win you will collect money on both bets, should only a second or third position be attained however, only one payout will be made.

Stage betting requires you to select winners on every stage of the tour, and these bets are great fun for bettors who prefer more fast paced results. The odds change every day as the cyclists face the challenges each stage brings, and newcomers can burst onto the scene from nowhere if conditions are favourable that day.

Find the cycling betting option that suits you from a mobile sports betting site available here, and start taking part in one of these extraordinary tests of endurance when you do.