Horse Racing Tips

South Africa proudly presents a number of horse races recognised around the world that bettors love participating in. The most famous of these is probably the J&B Met, but other significant events include the Durban July and South African Derby. These events see a huge amount of betting taking place, and the excitement and nail-biting thrill of the races see sportsbook customers everywhere taking great payouts home. Taking advantage of good horse racing tips can help ensure you are part of this lucky group.

Horse Racing Betting Options

Horse racing betting is one of the most popular forms of betting worldwide, and there are many different types of wagers for South African bettors to make a choice from. The horse racing tips for each available category will help you choose the right fit for you.

Perhaps the most widely recognised and popular type is the Win bet, as this can be enjoyed by individuals who have never laid a wager before as well as those who have some experience in the process. All you have to do is pick a horse to take first place, and, should you have guessed correctly, you will take your winnings home. Place betting requires bettors to nominate horses to take the first, second or third positions in the race and the Each Way bet combine these two. This is a doubles bet, with one bet being made on the winner of the race, one on the horse making it into the top three positions at the end of it. Should the horse you name win you will collect money on both bets, if it comes in second or third only one payout will be made.

Horse racing tips are particularly valuable for futures betting, whereby you make a guess on the outcome of an event relatively far off in the future. History, win loss records, and the jockey’s experience on the track type the race will be held on will help you ensure you choose a top contender when the betting begins, sometimes months in advance of the actual event.

How Racing Tips can Help

The best horse racing tips take the form and previous performances of both the horses and the jockeys into account. Past performance is always the most accurate predictor for future results, and any tip that does not encompass this vital aspect is not worth much.

The differences between horse racing track types is also very important, as certain animals perform better on different surfaces. There are three types of tracks used in races, namely turf, dirt and artificial, or synthetic, tracks. Some horses will shine on a turf track and struggle on dirt, while some are the other way around. Again, knowing how the horse has fared in previous races will help you make the winning bet on the current one. Horse racing tips should help bettors make more accurate predictions, and, when the right information is included in them this is exactly what they do.

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