Mobile Sports Betting

Indulging in some betting action, from races to sporting events to several other markets, is one of the most popular ways to treat yourself in South Africa. The country has enjoyed this pastime for several years, and today remote betting has really taken it to the next level. The pleasures of punting are reaching a much wider audience than ever before, and many more options are available to bettors. The next obvious advancement was mobile betting, and this has become possible today. You can access world-class South African betting sites anytime from anywhere you are, and need never miss out on a moment of the action again. We want to make sure that you have the best wireless wagering experiences possible, which is why we have put together the guidelines below.

Options for Mobile Sports Bets

You can enjoy mobile betting from almost any modern handset and operating system available today, including Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows options. You usually need to decide between accessing a site through a downloaded application or directly through a web browser, which is often the first big decision that online punters make.

Both options should allow smooth functionality, but some may not offer full capabilities when accessed via your web browser so you may prefer applications. On the other hand, the websites pose no risk of viruses so you may prefer them. Only you can make this important choice.

Mobile Betting on Sports and Races

With mobile devices, you can watch all of your favourite events in real time from wherever you are. You can monitor all developments and adjust your strategy accordingly when engaging in live betting. The same basic advice applies to bets made using a handset or a PC in South Africa.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the world of information available at your fingertips to check ladder standings, injury reports and statistics on any soccer team you want to bet on, and the odds, ladder and draw on any rugby match. Check the favourites to win and any player statistics or tips that you can find for golf, tennis or cricket betting games. Boxing matches are a perennial favourite so there is a lot of data you can find out about the fighters including their reach, height and trainer. You can access great games at all times with the South African mobile betting sites that we review here.

You can also enjoy racing thrills with your mobile handset, and should also follow the same basic advice as when betting on your Mac or PC. You can choose to put money on a single event, place totes or speciality punts, or place accumulator bets across several races. All the thrills of remote betting are now available to be relished on the go.

Markets in Mobile Sports Betting

Betting on races and sports are still the most popular ways to punt in South Africa, but there are many exciting new novelty markets emerging as well. Researching these can be enjoyable and very rewarding, and a great way to diversify your portfolio as well. Lookout for bets on current events, politics, financial markets and more. You will certainly never be bored.

Best of Both Worlds

With mobile sports betting you get all the thrills and advantages of online punting, and get to carry on your daily life at the same time. Getting your punting to go really does provide you with the best features of both worlds.