Mobile Tote Bets

The South African bookmakers offering mobile access included on this website will assist bettors in finding the best mobile totes available anywhere in the country.

Totes betting, also known as pool betting and pari-mutuel betting, differs from fixed online betting because the customer is not able to access any information on the odds for the bet until the event itself has closed. This is usually as it begins, when no more bets are being taken on it. After the event finishes the stakes are tallied up, and, once the house has received its percentage, the total amount is shared between the persons who picked the winner.

Payment on the more popular horses comes to a lesser amount, since the total is generally being shared by more people, all attracted by the higher likelihood of the win by these animals. Should an outsider steal first place, however, then the dividends paid are significantly bigger, as fewer individuals are likely to take a chance on an unknown factor.

The French call this system of betting pari-mutuel, in which all the wagers are combined and the winners share in the total amount gathered at the end of the race.

Mobile Tote Betting Offers

The best mobile totes will offer South African bettors a big choice of bet types, in order not to limit them to the more prosaic win and place bets. Try an Eachway bet, for example, one that combines the win and place bets. You will collect payouts on both the win and place bets if the horse you nominate finishes first, but only collect on the Place payout if it arrives in the second or third positions. Bettors will always bet the same amount on each aspect of this combined wager.

You could also explore a Swinger bet, wherein you choose two horses to fill two spots in the first three places in a race. There are three possible combinations to take the win, namely the first and second, first and third, and second and third. This bet can add an exciting layer of excitement in a match, and push South African bettors’ knowledge of the horses taking part in the race a little further than is usual.

Bettors can place Exacta bets in three different ways. A Single, in which the horses taking the first and second positions must be named, the Perm, whereby totes customers choose any number of horses to place first or second, and the Box. Bettors are able to select two or more horses and collect their winnings if any of the chosen animals finish first or second with this last Exacta type.

Try Top Mobile Tote Bets

The best mobile totes allow South African bettors to access a very enjoyable extra layer of excitement in a racing event that is already a thrill a minute. Make your best mobile totes selection today from one of the mobile betting sites available right here, and relax in the knowledge that you will soon be participating in the best mobile totes available anywhere in South Africa. Use you iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry to get in on live mobile betting action and enjoy wining big at your convenience.