Queen’s Plate Bets

The Queen’s Plate is not as widely known as the J&B Met, and the organisers are more than happy to keep it that way. Smaller and more exclusive, this magnificent meet attracts a far more elite betting crowd, and, since it is held each year between two and three weeks before the Met, serves as a great warm up to the larger event which follows for horse racing betting fans.

Bettors who are unable to attend the events making up the Queen’s Plate in person can enjoy the races as much as those closer to the Kenilworth racecourse, thanks to the leaps and bounds with which mobile technology has advanced. Not only do you not have to physically be in Cape Town, you do not even need your laptop or computer to lay your wagers. Simply sign up for an account at one of the great sportsbooks offering mobile betting access featured on this website and take part by means of your smartphone or device whenever it pleases you.

Queen’s Plate Mobile Betting Types

The Queen’s Plate races allow punters to make any one of the seven bets that horse races around the world do, and mobile bettors are welcome to take part in all of them.

The most popular and well-known bet type is the Win bet, whereby bettors try to predict which horse will take first place in the selected race.

Next up is the Place bet, where you choose a horse to take one of the first two, three or four spots in the race. Your animal will need to arrive in either the first or second position if the race is made up of only six or seven horses, but a third place is added if the amount of animals taking part is between eight and fifteen. You can extend this bet to include a fourth position guess if there are more than fifteen runners in the race.

Swinger bets are also popular for the Queen’s Plate, and here you will choose two horses to make up any two of the first three positions. Three combinations are available, namely the first and second positions, the first and third, and the second and third. This more exotic bet is popular because of the higher likelihood of bettors winning thanks to the extra possibilities it affords.

Queen’s Plate Betting Options

The exotic Queen’s Plate Exacta bet is one that requires bettors to predict the first and second place horses in the correct order, and the Trifecta includes the third place position. The Quartet bet predicts the first four positions in the right order.

Extending your bets over more than one race is also a popular option for South African bettors, and the options here include the Double, Pick Three, Jackpot, Pick Six, and Place Accumulator bets.

Doubles bettors need to guess which horses will take first place in any two successive races, the Pick Three adds a third race to the option. Races designated as Jackpot races require sportsbooks customers to select the first place winner of four successive races, and the Pick Six designates six races in which the winner needs to be named. The Place Accumulator can test your knowledge of the horses, their jockeys and the track they’re competing on as the first three positions of seven consecutive races designated as Place Accumulator races needs to be predicted.

Bet on one of South Africa’s premier horse racing betting events using your mobile and enjoy the freedom, convenience and versatility of the top bookmakers on the go.