Sports Betting Guide

South Africans are sports mad, and their betting tastes reflect this. Sports betting involves individuals placing a bet, or laying a wager, on the results of a sports event, like rugby, cricket or football, with the intention of correctly predicting the outcome and making money as a result. For individuals who already enjoy participating in the host of sporting events this country offers, adding to the excitement by making a wager on who will win can only increase enjoyment, and making use of a sports betting guide will significantly increase your chances of guessing correctly.

While there are certainly exceptions, sports betting usually allows for only two results. You will either win your bet or lose it, and narrowing the possibility that you will lose is one of the gains of finding a good sports betting guide and putting it to use when next you are considering laying a wager.

A sports betting guide will help South African bettors lay their wagers on fixture results, both within a tournament and competitions that take place during one. For example, in a rugby match between the Springboks and the All Blacks, bettors can lay wagers on the Springboks winning, the All Blacks beating the Springboks by a certain amount of points, or on who has taken the lead when half time has arrived. You can even bet on the performance of players if you wish, and can be sure that all the betting types you have enjoyed up to now by means of your computer or laptop are available when you decide to start betting from your mobile device.

SA Sports Mobile Betting Guides

Bookmakers, or sportsbooks, are the names by which enterprises providing individuals with sports betting guides and betting services are known by. These entities provide an arena known as the betting exchange, where odds are set, and their customers are known as bettors.

Choosing a sportsbook is an individual practice, as different bettors prefer different aspects, and all bookmakers offer varying elements. Start by browsing those featured on this website, and make a shortlist of those that seem most likely to meet your betting needs. They should be reliable and established, and offer you all the safety and security you need to make the real money transactions you will need to. The bookmakers available here all offer mobile access, for a variety of handsets, and have been thoroughly rated and reviewed for your mobile betting convenience.

Guides & Customised Apps

Whether it is a Samsung, Apple, Blackberry or Nokia device you wish to make use of in order to access the sports betting guide that is going to help you win, you will find applications for each of these and more when you start browsing here. Various tablets are also supported, and each app is tailored to suit the specifications of the device in question. Expect toned down interfaces, as developers try to maximise efficiency and keep costs to a minimum, and programmes that take up almost no space on your device.

Whether it is horse racing, financial betting, cricket, rugby or soccer you enjoy, find a mobile sports betting guide to help you make the best bets today.