Mobile Golf Bets

The game of golf is thought to have begun in Scotland during the Middle Ages, but did not become the worldwide phenomenon it is today until late in the 19th century, spreading from Scotland through the British Empire and eventually reaching the United States of America. Golf betting probably began around the same time that the game did, but mobile technology has taken it to the next level for South Africans who enjoy laying a wager or two. You are now able to bet on the outcome of a game or tournament, or the performance of a player within each of these, from wherever you are as you go about your day when you sign up for an account at one of the great South African sportsbooks offering mobile access featured here.

Golf Mobile Betting Apps

No matter what type of smartphone or tablet you will be using to lay your wagers, you will be able to find a golf betting application at one of the sportsbooks featured here for it. The applications are tailored to meet the specifications of your device, and allow users to browse and bet quickly and easily. Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung and Android handsets, among others, are supported, as well as a large variety of tablets, and the apps have been stripped of extraneous features in order to keep your data costs to a minimum.

Expect less complex interfaces that allow your smartphone or tablet to process the information they are receiving quickly and easily, stripped of unnecessary features that devour your data. The applications are also very small in size, as developers are well aware of the memory constraints the majority of handsets suffer from, and will not take up excessive amounts of space on your device. Downloads are finished in no time at all, and the applications themselves are very easy to use, and will suit even those completely new to the exciting world of mobile golf betting.

Basic Information on Golf Betting

South African bettors will be able to lay bets on both the larger tournaments happening around the world, like the Malaysian Open, British Open, US Masters, US Open and Ryder Cup, and the smaller competitions as well. In fact, the key to finding a good mobile sportsbook is by taking note of how much access they allow to the less well known tournaments, like women’s golf games and other second-tier tournaments. Find a bookmaker that allows you access to a wide variety of golf betting opportunities.

South African mobile bettors will generally be able to choose from two bet types, the tournament win and matchups between players preselected by the bookmaker. Tournament win bets are a great golf betting option for individuals who are new to mobile golf betting, and is also a nice bet to lay when a certain player is enjoying a streak. Putting your knowledge of not only the game, but the player’s ability and standing can go a long way toward ensuring you receive a payout when the tournament winner is announced.

Choose one of our handpicked mobile sports betting sites that feature golf betting and start wagering on your smartphone or tablet with ease.