Mobile Boxing Bets

Boxing is hugely popular all over the world and betting on the game is often more lucrative, with more money changing hands, than playing it is. It is one of the most established sport betting arenas in South Africa and around the globe, so there are many bets and lots of facts available on the contenders which makes it the ideal starting point for novice punters. However, the action is so fast-paced and exhilarating that seasoned hands can’t stay away either! If you are keen to explore the world of boxing betting, our guidelines below are a great place to start.

Boxing Mobile Betting Options

The sheer number of bets available to place on boxing events is great for punters but can be a little overwhelming. We recommend beginning with simpler bets and then exploring the more exotic options as your confidence grow. There are matches all around the world all the time and the mobile betting sites in South Africa make many available to you. Local matches are usually easier to watch and monitor with no international time zone issues and with the most coverage, which can make it easier to research the fighters. When there are internationally recognised fights fans all over the world tend to make exceptions and are glued to their televisions.

When placing your wagers, check previous match history, the trainer involved, a player’s height and reach and any other factors you can find out about. Most beginning bettors place classic win/loss bets on boxing matches, which is a great way to start. From here you can explore more adventurous bets. Many online bookmakers in South Africa will give different odds for a fight’s different rounds, based on all the factors we mentioned above. For example, if you name the victor and the round in which they will win, your payout can rise quite considerably. Correctly predicting the way in which a fighter will win, be it a TKO, decision or knockout, will also pay you out more.

Sometimes there are multiple fights on the bill for one night, and some online South African bookmakers will make things even more thrilling by taking multiple bets. Similar to horse race betting, you can predict the winners for several fights on one ticket. Although this is more risky, it enables you to up your odds and is very rewarding if all of your picks win and you are paid out. All of these boxing betting options will engage you in the match even more.

Boxing Betting Fun in Hands

Boxing betting has such a rich heritage, and is so dynamic today, that it is easy to understand why it is so popular in South Africa and around the rest of the world. Now with mobile betting you can hold all of the fun in your hands and can access it wherever and whenever you choose to. Check out some of the respected mobile sites reviewed here and start enjoying the punts in this great game today using your iPhone betting, iPad or Android device betting apps.