Mobile Android Bets

South Africans have always had a very healthy appetite for betting, on many different events, and today’s technological advances have opened this world up and made it more thrilling than ever before. More people can access the fun, and there are more markets and betting possibilities to consider. Having the limitless Internet as your research resource also means you can investigate any option as thoroughly as you would like to. It’s also less costly to bet remotely, making it even more appealing.

The array of online and mobile betting sites available in South Africa is growing and improving all the time, and punters today are really spoilt for choice. However, there are also some sites that are less than savoury and these are best avoided. To help you decide where to put your hard-earned money down, we review the best and most respected mobile South African bookmakers for you here, many of which are Android-compatible. If you are lucky enough to own such a handset, read our guidelines here to make sure you get the most from your Android betting.

How to Enjoy Android Betting

Most of the mobile sites reviewed here, including the Android-compatible sites, offer you two methods to access them. You can choose to visit them directly through your web browser, or can download and install their applications and then access them that way. Your needs and preferences should dictate which of these you choose, and you may find one or two that do not offer the access method you would most enjoy. You need to weigh up the pros and cons in each case and then decide what works best for you each time.

Options for Android Bets

Android betting is readily available on almost any event you can think of, so you are able to choose the areas that most appeal to you or that you most want to learn more about. The traditional South African favourites of rugby, cricket and horse racing betting are all well-represented at the Android-compatible mobile South African betting sites we review, and you can also explore less common sports bets such as bowling or emerging novelty markets such as entertainment industry, political or current events. You can even predict the behaviour of financial markets, so it really is possible to diversify your portfolio. One of the best things about mobile betting is that you can stay on top of developments that affect outcomes and of events themselves, which is great when you are deciding who to back or wanting to review your live betting strategy. Mobile betting makes this available to South Africans with only a few finger swipes or button clicks.

World-class Android Betting

For the sophisticated patrons of South African mobile betting sites, Android betting is an obvious choice. You can enjoy world-class punting from all over the world, and can do it anywhere or anytime that is convenient. Check out our reviews of trusted Android-compatible bookmakers to find the perfect one for you today.