Mobile Racing Bets

The top South African events to bet on are various racing events, like horse, car and bike racing. Heading off to the track to enjoy a day of races is a lot of fun, but, in today’s fast paced world, not always practicable. Between longer work days and the ensuing catch up that the majority of individuals have to do once they get home, taking an entire afternoon off is impossible.

South African bookmakers have gone one step further towards enabling interested bettors access to the racing betting options they love, by providing mobile access. You no longer have to wait to get to your computer or laptop to lay a wager, and winning bets are never further than your smartphone or tablet device.

Browse this website to find the best sportsbooks offering mobile access in all of South Africa. Android betting, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and other handsets are supported, and you will quickly be able to find an application for the racing betting event you are interested in on an application whittled down to suit the specifications of your device. Expect plainer interfaces, as extraneous features have been removed in order to minimise data charges, which allow you to browse the best odds, racing betting markets and prices nationwide on the go.

Formula 1 Racing Betting Fun

As far as motorsports go, the cream of the crop has to be the Formula 1. It is not only the wealthiest and most widely known form of car racing around, it is also wildly popular with South African bettors. The fact that the racing betting opportunities here are limited, confined to the Formula 1 season, contributes to the fact that this type of betting is that much more fun when it does eventually become available. There are a wide variety of bets South Africans can lay besides the one on the winner of each race, including who places first when the first lap has finished, as well as wagers on the Podium Finish bet, on which of the drivers will end in the top three positions, the Points Finish bet on who makes the top eight list at the race’s conclusion, as well as the Fastest Lap Time wager.

Horse Racing Mobile Betting

The popularity of horse racing betting in South Africa stretches back to as far back as 1797. The first race club meeting on record took place in 1802, and the national horse racing body was founded in 1882. The primary events on the South African horse racing calendar include the Durban July Handicap, the Summer Cup, and the J&B Met, with betting running into millions for these events every year. Choose from Win bets, Eachway, Place bets and a whole host of other options if you wish to join the fun from wherever you are.

Bike Racing also Widely Popular

Whether it is bicycle races you favour, or the larger motorcycle races, you are going to have a wealth of choices on which to lay your bets.

The Cape Argus, one of the largest bicycle races in the country, was begun in 1978 to raise awareness about the dearth of bicycle paths in Cape Town, but has extended far beyond that by now. Drawing bettors from South Africa and around the world, this race is a highlight for many.

South African mobile bettors can also take part in and experience the excitement, spectacle, passion and thrill of the MotoGP from wherever they happen to be. Support your favourite riders and win money while you’re at it with mobile racing betting.