J&B Met Betting

For South African bettors, the J&B Met is as much a part of summer as braais, the beach and sipping cocktails by the pool, and the sportsbooks available at this website are helping you to lay your wagers while doing any one of the great summer activities you love. You no longer need to be holed up at your computer or laptop in order to lay a wager, as mobile access is now a given, and bettors can bite into their boerewors rolls while trying to decide between a Win bet or an Exacta.

Originally known as the Metropolitan Mile, this distinguished horse racing event is undoubtedly the highpoint for horse racing fans, and attracts the gorgeous and glamorous from all over the country. More than 50 000 people descend on the Kenilworth racecourse where it is held each year, and, since its inception in 1883, its roll of honour has included the top horses in South African racing history. Bettors need no longer despair about gaining access to the magnificent animals taking part, as a quick sign up for a mobile betting account will grant you all the J&B Met action you could wish for.

J&B Met Mobile Bets

No matter which type of bets you may prefer, you will have the option to lay each and every one of them if you so desire when you start mobile betting on the J&B Met.

Win betting is always a great choice, and is a wonderful introduction to the excitement and thrill of horse racing betting for people who have never done so before. Simply select the horse you favour to take first place in a race, calculate how much you would like to bet, compare the odds available for the horse you have chosen and sit back and watch the event unfold. There has been many a time that an underdog has come in from nowhere to take the lead, and lucky punters who made the correct guess walked away with much more than they had in their pockets initially.

The Place bet requires you to name a horse to take one of the top positions of the race, and, because it is such a major event in South African horse racing, the J&B Met also allows bettors the fourth and fifth places of the race.

The Eachway bet combines all the best elements of the Win and Place bets, and doubles the chance for bettors to walk away winners. Should your nominated horse win the race, you will collect money twice, on both the win and the place. Should your horse arrive second or third, you will only collect one payout.

Swinger bets are also great fun, and allows bettors to nominate two animals to finish in the first three places of a race. The Exacta bet is similar to this, but the horses will need to arrive in the order you predicted.

Enjoy J&B Met Betting

With a wide variety of bets for South African bettors to choose from when they decide to enjoy the excitement of the J&B Met, you can be sure you will be able to find the odds you like on a horse you have a feeling about when you start accessing it all from your mobile. No matter where in the country you happen to be while it is taking place you can participate, and make use of the horse racing tips, latest news and information, and great bonuses available for mobile bettors when you do.